I love the idea of an asexual character who makes jokes about their asexuality in the same way as Toph does about her blindness.

" Oh man, I don’t think my relationship could last without sex”

" Same, wait, nevermind" 

"Whats sex like for you, I mean, as a …asexual…?”

"Uh, you know, a never ending pit of darkness, with the sounds of the innocent screaming in the background, same as anyone else. " 

"Youve got great dexterity, you must be great in bed. "

"I would say the same for you, but I have no idea why  that matters."

Just great, sarcastic asexuals. 


Daniel Radcliffe at the Toronto premiere of The F Word/What If

i probably shouldn’t actually ever leave my home because i still call my mom when one of the scary spiders is in my room

did i jut spend half an hour watching hsm behind the scenes and blooper vids on youtube omg

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Love “Alone Again Or”

i should sleep but i’m just in awe of ppl and the world what do i do

i love ppl so much like we’re such beautiful dorky curious creatures and i’m in LOVE


i feel like a princess rn (◡‿◡✿)